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Tatiana Barakshina

Tatiana Barakshina, Doctoral Student in Marketing
  • Doctoral Student in Marketing


  • MBA Marketing, Bradley University, 2002

Classes Taught

Instructor, 2014-2015 (2 semesters), University of Illinois at Chicago

  • Taught undergraduate International Marketing course (MKTG 469) with full course responsibilities.  Average enrollment: 48 students. 

Instructor, 2008-2009 (3 semesters), Ural-Siberian Institute of Business (largest privately held post-degree and business university in Urals, Russia)

  • Introduction to Marketing Research for Marketing Professionals
  • Qualitative and quantitative methods in research for Marketing Professionals
  • Strategic Marketing for Executive MBA students

Research & Publications

Research Interests
  • Complex services
  • Difficult consumer choices
  • Shared decisions
  • Strategic marketing in emerging markets 


Conference Presentations (Peer-reviewed)

  • Barakshina, T. and Malter, A., "Sharing Difficult Choices", special session on Sharing, paper presented at the ACR North American Conference in New Orleans, LA, in October, 2015
  • Barakshina, T. and Malter, A., “Difficult Choice”, competitive paper presentation, Services Marketing Track at the Summer Educators AMA Conference in Chicago, IL, in August 2015
  • Malter, A. and Barakshina, T., “Joint Decisions, Shared Decisions, and Non-Expert Advice – Effective Consumer Decision Support,” working paper accepted, poster presented at the 2015 Macromarketing conference in Chicago, IL, in June 2015
  • Barakshina, T., “Shared Decisions in Emotionally Difficult Situations,” working paper accepted, poster presented at the ACR North American Conference in Chicago, IL in August, 2013
  • Barakshina, T. and Spanjol, J., “Online Health Community Engagement, Patient Empowerment and Decision Confidence: An Integrative Model of Medical Services Decision-Making,” poster presented at 2014 AMA Summer Marketing Educators Conference in San Francisco, CA, in August, 2014.


Invited Research Presentations

  • “Shared Decisions in Emotionally Difficult Situations,” presented with Alan J. Malter at Illinois  Institute of Technology in Chicago, IL, USA
  • “Marketing Research Industry Self-Regulation and Government Affairs: Cases from USA and European Union, ” Russian Sociological Research Forum Continuing Grushin’s Tradition in Sociology, Moscow, Russia


Invited Business Presentations

  • “Structural Equation Modeling in Marketing Research, Business Applications,” Annual Research Alliance Conference, Madrid, Spain
  • “Full Service Research Organization: Successful Regional Strategy,” Forum of Russian Regional Researchers, Moscow, Russia
  • “Consumption Habits On The Go: Global Ethnographic Study,” Qualitative Techniques in Research Conference, The Research Alliance, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • “Current trends in Marketing Research industry: Russian perspective,” Annual Research Alliance Conference, Moscow, Russia
  • “Implementing Business Research in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, ” Research Exchange Session, Marketing Sciences, Winchester, UK
  • “Social Media Strategy The Association,” Annual Research Alliance Conference, Athens, Greece


Awards & Affiliations

  • AMA Sheth Doctoral Consortium Delegate, 2015
  • Best PhD Student in Marketing Award, University of Illinois at Chicago, 2013
  • Best Graduate Student Award, Bradley University, 2002
  • Graduation with Honors, Bradley University, 2002
  • Graduate Assistantship Stipend, Bradley University, 2001-2002
  • Graduate Assistantship Stipend, Bradley University, 2000-2001
  • Graduation with Honors, Ural Academy of Public Administration, 2000
  • Educational Excellence Stipend, Ural Academy of Public Administration, 1998, 1999, 2000
  • Research grant, Central European University, Budapest, 1997