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Department of Accounting

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Welcome to the Department of Accounting

The accounting department is committed to quality in educational programming, research pursuits and community service. Education is a vital objective of the department. We deliver quality accounting education through a coordinated program of faculty advising and staff counseling. Internships are used as an additional vehicle to prepare students for the professional expectations of the workplace.

The department provides advanced study and synergistic programs through its graduate offerings, including the Master of Science in Accounting, joint Master of Science in Accounting/Master of Business Administration and Master of Business Administration accounting specialization. We ensure that graduates demonstrate proficiency in contemporary management skills such as information technology, communication techniques and teamwork. The program promotes a perspective of the global economy and cultural diversification necessary for the knowledge worker of the 21st century.

Commitment to research is an integral component of the department. We feature an academically respected and professionally qualified faculty who actively produce and support basic and applied research. Faculty research and teaching expectations emphasize individual strengths, interests and career development through a coordinated program of peer review, support and counsel. Our faculty pursue external service activities that enhance departmental visibility, reputation and presence at the local, national and international levels. We are dedicated to service to the students, college and university that enhances the university's urban mission.

2019 Accounting Conference

The seventh annual conference hosted by the Department of Accounting at UIC Business will be held September 6-7, 2019.

Past Accounting Conferences

2018 Accounting Conference

This conference was held Under the auspices of the Dean’s Research Fund in cooperation with the Department of Accounting University of Illinois at Chicago


Jennifer Blouin, University of Pennsylvania, “Does Tax Planning Affect Organizational Complexity:Evidence from Check-the-Box”

Karen Sedatole, Emory University, “The Folly of Forecasting:The Effects of a Disaggregated Demand Forecasting System on Forecast Error, Forecast Positive Bias, Inventory Levels.”

Vivek Raval, University of Illinois at Chicago, “Implied Volatility Comovement and Insider Information Content”

Beverly Walther, Northwestern University, “Do Brokerage Houses Exchange Stock Tips for Political Favors?”

DJ Nanda, University of Miami, “The Relative Salience of Accounting Information in the Governance of Family Firms.”

Katherine Schipper, Duke University, “The Last Chance to Improve Financial Reporting Reliability: Evidence from Recorded and Waived Audit Adjustments”


2017 Accounting Conference

This conference was held Under the auspices of the Dean’s Research Fund in cooperation with the Department of Accounting University of Illinois at Chicago


Ellen Engel, University of Illinois at Chicago “Money for Nothing? Using Expectations of Loss Persistence to Examine CEO Cash Compensation in Loss-Making Firms”

Paul Hribar, University of Iowa, “Implied Confidence in Management Range Forecasts”

Andrew Leone, University of Miami,“When Does the SEC Exercise Enforcement Leniency?”

Edward Maydew, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, “U.S. Firms on Foreign (tax) Holidays”

Maureen McNichols, Stanford University, “Increased Information Content of Earnings Announcements in the 21st Century: An Empirical Investigation?”

Mohan Venkatachalam, Duke University, “The Changing landscape of accrual accounting: Implications for   operating cash flow predictability. ”

2016 Accounting Conference

This conference was held under the auspices of the Dean’s Research Fund in cooperation with the Department of Accounting


Mary Brooke Billings, New York University, “Do Managers Respond to Litigation with Silence”

Bjorn Jorgensen, London School of Economics and Political Science, “Market-wide Effects of Off-Balance Sheet Disclosures: Evidence from the Oil Industry”

Sarah McVay, University of Washington, “Aggregate R&D Expenditures andFirm-Level Profitaility of R&D”

Michael Minnis, University of Chicago Booth School of Business, “Commercial Lending Concentration and Bank Expertise from Borrower Financial Statements”

Alex Nekrasov, University of Illinois at Chicago, “Opportunity Knocks but Once: Delayed Disclosure of Financial Items in Earnings Announcements and Analyst and Investor Neglect of earnings News”

Shivaram Rajgopal, Columbia University, “Corporate culture: Evidence from the Field”

Sugata Roychowdhury, Boston College, “Clarity Begins at Home: Internal Information Asymmetry and External Communication Quality”

2015 Accounting Conference

This conference was held under the auspices of the UIC Center for Education & Research in Financial Reporting Quality.


Anne Beatty, The Ohio State University, "Does Loan Loss Provision Timeliness affect the Accuracy, Informativeness, and Predictability of aalyst Provision Forecasts?"

Peter Easton, The University of Notre Dame, "A New Approach to Empirical Analysis of the Relation between Change in Value and Earnings"

Melissa Martin, The University of Illinois at Chicago, "Executive compensation: A Firm Life Cycle Analysis"

Maria Ogneva, The University of Southern California, "Predicting Restatemens in Macroeconomic Indicators using Accounting Information"

Thomas Omer, The University of Nebraska-Lincoln, "The Effects of regulatory scrutiny on Tax Avoidance: An Examination of SEC Comment Letters"

Karthik Ramanna, Harvard Business School, "Political standards: Corporate Intererst, Ideology, and Leadership in Shaping of Accounting Rules for the Market Economy"

Pervin Shroff, The University of Minnesota, "Active CDS Trading and Managers' Voluntary Disclosure"

2014 Accounting Conference


Elizabeth Blankespoor, Stanford University, "CEO Visibility: Are Media Stars Born or Made?"

Feng Li, University of Michigan, "Estimating the Amount of Estimation in Accruals"

Richard Mergenthaler, University of Iowa, "Principles-Based Standards and Earnings Attributes"

Partha Mohanram, University of Toronto, "Fundamental Analysis: A Comparison of Financial Statement Analysis Driven and Intrinsic Value Driven Approaches"

Douglas Skinner, University of Chicago, "The Evolution of Audit Market Structure and the Emergence of the Big 4: Evidence from Australia"

Theodore Sougiannis, University of Illinois, "Do analysts understand the economic and reporting complexities of derivatives?"

Laura Wellman, University of Illinois at Chicago, "From K Street to Wall Street: Politically Connected Analysts and Stock Recommendations"

2013 Accounting Conference

The theme of the 2013 CERFRQ Conference was "Financial Statement Articulation and Adjustments to Enhance the Quality of Financial Information." 


Philip Berger, Chicago Booth, "The Rational Modeling Hypothesis to Explain Analyst Underreaction to Earnings News"

Daniel Collins, University of Iowa, "Financial Statement Comparability and the Efficiency of Acquisition Decisions"

Alastair Lawrence, UC Berkeley, "SEC Comment Letters and Insider Sales"

Lian Fen Lee, Boston College, "The Role of Social Media in the Capital Market Consequences of Consumer Product Recalls"

Shail Pandit, University of Illinois at Chicago, "Do Compustat Financial Statement Data Articulate"

Stephen Penman, Columbia University, "Paper: Book Rate of Return, Risk, and the Information Conveyed by Conservative Accounting"

Jacob Thomas, Yale University, "Revisiting the Anomalous Distributions of EPS Forecast Errors"

Accounting Research Workshops


April 25, 2018: Lynn Li, Boston University,"The Disclosure of Good verses Bad News:Evidence from the Biotech Industry"
April 18, 2018: Luzi Hail, University of Pennsylvania ,The Wharton School, "Do Risk Disclosures Matter When It Counts? Evidence from the Swiss Franc Shock"
April 11, 2018: Zhejia Ling, Iowa State Univarsity, " Management Forecasting Behaviour of Newly Public Firms"
April  6, 2018: Biqin Xie, Pennsylvania State University, "Offsetable Derivative Exposures and Financial Stability" 
March 21, 2018: Michal Matejka,
Arizona State University, "Relative Target Setting and Cooperation"
February 28, 2018: Asad Kausar, Nanyang Technological University, "The Usefulness of Negative Aggregate Earnings Changes in Predicting Future Gross Domestic Product Growth"
February 9, 2018: Daphne Hart, London School of Economics and Political Science, "Voluntary Employment Disclosures and Real Earnings Management"
February 5, 2018: Diana Choi, The Ohio State University, "The Effect of Bank Audit Committee Financial Experts on Loan Loss Provision Timeliness"
February 2, 2018: Travis Dyer, University of North Carolina, "Does Public Information Acquisition Level the Playing Field or Widen the Gap? An Analysis of Local and Non-Local Investors"
January 29, 2018: Oleg Kiriukhin, University of Chicago, Booth School, "Accruals Quality and Firm Value"
January 24, 2018: Yi Cao, University of Maryland , "Matchmaking or Information Leakage? Disclosure Benefits and Constraints of Corporate Job Advertisement Specificity"
January 22, 2018: Nan Li, Columbia University , "Do Greater Share holder Voting Rights Reduce Expropriation? Evidence from Related Party Transactions"
January 19, 2018: Charles McClure, Stanford University , "Determinants of Tax Avoidance"
January 17, 2018: Abigail Needles, Texas A&M University, "Evidence on Boutique Institutional Investors’ Governance Role and Investment Strategy Performance"
January 15, 2018: Jee Eun Shin, Harvard University , "Relational Disruptions as a Control Mechanism"
January 12, 2018: John Heater, Yale University, "Intended Benefits and Unintended Consequences of  Improved Performance Disclosure"
January 11, 2018: Heidi Packard, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) , "Are long-term earnings targets forecasts?"
January 10, 2018: Stephen Glaeser, University of Pennsylvania, the Wharton School , "The Effects of Proprietary Information on Corporate  Disclosure and Transparency: Evidence from Trade Secrets"
January 9, 2018: Jessica Watkins, Indiana University , "The Timeliness and Detail Tradeoff in the Mandatory  Disclosure of Material Events"
January 8, 2018: Kurt Gee, Stanford University, "Readability, Profitability and Discretionary MD&A Text"

FALL 2017

Dec. 6, 2017: Isabel Wang, Michigan State University, "Swimming with the Sharks: Entrepreneurial Investing Decisions and First Impression"
Nov. 17, 2017: Atif Ellahie, University of Utah, “Do Managerial Expectations of Volatility Have Information Content?”
Nov. 8, 2017: Andrew Imdieke, Notre Dame University, "Effectiveness and Consequences of PCAOB Disciplinary Actions: An Analysis of the Resulting Auditor/Client Dynamic and Audit Quality"
Oct. 27, 2017: Elio Alfonso, Florida International University, “Analysts’ stock ownership and stock recommendations”
Oct. 18, 2017: Siew Hong Teoh, University of California, Irvine, “Using Google Searches of Firm Products to Detect Revenue Management and Predict Firm Performance”
Oct. 13, 2017: Stephanie Sikes, University of Pennsylvania, Wharton, “Capital Gains Lock-in and Share Repurchases”
Oct. 04, 2017: Clive Lennox, University of Southern California, "Lawsuit Outcomes and the Deep Pockets of Big N audit firms*"
Sep. 27, 2017: Russell Lundholm, University of British Columbia, "Do Excessively Volatile Forecasts Harm Investors?" 


Apr. 28, 2017: Dan Lynch, University of Wisconsin, "The Determinants of Segment-level Tax Expense Disclosure"
Apr. 12, 2017: Ole-Kristian Hope, University of Toronto, "Do Politically Connected Directors Affect Accounting Quality? Evidence from China’s Anti-Corruption Campaign (Rule 18)"
Mar. 29, 2017: Stan Markov, Southern Methodist University, "Does Crowdsourced Research Discipline Sell-Side Analysts?"
Mar. 1, 2017: Mengyao Cheng, Boston College, "Government Structure and Legislative Uncertainty: Evidence from Stock Market Reactions to Roll-Call Votes on Congressional Bills"
Feb. 15, 2017: Ryan McDonough, University of Michigan, "Corporate Communication and Shareholder Base Stability: Evidence from Corporate Spin-offs"
Feb. 13, 2017: Rachel Thompson, University of Minnesota, "Revisions versus Restatements: Managerial Discretion in Materiality Assessments"
Feb. 10, 2017: Seung (Peter) Oh, University of Southern California, "The Effect of Managerial Retention Incentives on theRelationship between Financing Constraints and Voluntary Disclosure"
Feb. 8, 2017: Steven Savoy, University of Iowa, "Discretion in Accounting for Tax Reserves: Evidence from Mergers and Acquisitions"
Feb. 6, 2017: Ethan Rouen, Columbia University, "Rethinking Measurement of Pay Disparity and its Relation to Firm Performance"
Feb. 3, 2017: Rafael Rogo, University of British Columbia, "The Foreign Investor Bias and its Linguistic Origins"
Feb. 1, 2017: Lyungmae Choi, Arizona State University, "Do Proprietary Costs Deter Insider Trading?"
Jan. 30, 2017: Andy Stephan, Northwestern University, "The Effect of Algorithmic Trading on Voluntary Disclosure"
Jan. 25,2017: Jenelle Conaway, Boston University, "Has Global Financial Reporting Comparability Improved?"
Jan. 23, 2017: Sarah Toynbee, University of Washington, "Implications of disclosing order backlog"
Jan. 20, 2017: Will Demere, Michigan State University, "Institutional Ownership and Long-Term Investments across the Corporate Life Cycle "
Jan. 18, 2017: Amy Genson Sheneman, Indiana University, "The Effect of Operating Control Failures on the Cost of Capital: Evidence from Data Breaches"
Jan. 16, 2017: Eric Holzman, Indiana University, "Living in the Moment: Short-Term Investors and the Informativeness of Prices for Future Fundamentals"
Jan. 13, 2017: Robert Davidson, University of Texas at Austin, "Executive Equity Compensation and Financial Statement Fraud"
Jan. 11, 2017: Jonathan Bonham, Rice University, "What you measure is what you get:Moral hazard and the effect of measurement on real activity"

FALL 2016

Nov. 30, 2016: Mark Bradshaw, Boston College, "Soft Information in the Financial Press and Analysts’ Recommendation Revisions"
Nov. 18, 2016: Raluca Chiorean, Lehigh University, "Earnings Management Through OCI Components"
Nov. 16, 2016: Siyi Li, University of Illinois at Chicago, "Measuring Reporting Quality: Recognition versus Disclosure"
Nov. 09, 2016: Andy Call, Arizona State University, "Examining Changes in Analysts’ Stock Recommendations Following Regulatory Action Against Their Brokerage "
Nov. 02, 2016: Aiyesha Dey, University of Minnesota, "Assessing the Relation between Taxes and Stock Returns: The Critical Role of Choosing the Tax Variable"
Oct. 26, 2016: Darren Roulstone, Ohio State University, "Tone Emphasis"
Oct. 21, 2016: Rick Laux, Pennsylvania State University, "Assessing the Relation Between Taxes and Stock Returns: The Critical Role of Choosing the Tax Variable"
Oct. 12, 2016: Frank Zhang, Yale University, "Does Financial Reporting Above or Below the Operating Income Matter to Firms and Investors? The Case of Investment Income"
Oct. 05, 2016: Jeff Chen, University of Colorado, "The Association between SFAS No. 157 Fair Value Conditional Accounting Conservatism"
Sept. 21, 2016: Jim Cannon, Iowa State University, "The Impact of International Takeover Laws on Corporate Resource Adjustments: Evidence from the Asymmetric Behavior of Selling, General, and Administrative Costs" 

April 19, 2016: Carlo D'Agusto, Georgia State University, "Tone Conservation"
April 12, 2016: Melvin Lamboy-Ruiz, Iowa State University, "The Impact of Regulatory Scrutiny on the Accrual-based and Real Earnings Management in Nonprofit and For-Profit U.S. Hospitals" 
April 05, 2016: Paul Ma, University of Minnesota, "Forecasts of Earnings Announcements Dates: Evidence from a Mandatory Regime"
March 17, 2016: Xiaochuan (Kelly) Huang, Florida International University, "Internal Information Quality & Firm Innovation"
March 15, 2016: Michael Ettredge, University of Kansas, "Metro Audit Market Competition, Audit Fees and Audit Quality"
March 01, 2016: Clare Wang, Northwestern University,"Private Litigation Costs and Voluntary Disclosure: Evidence from the Morrison Ruling"
Feb. 18, 2016: Christopher Small, University of Iowa, "The Effect of Analysts on the Market Response to Earnings Announcements"
Feb. 16, 2016: Amanda Beck, University of Alabama, "Opportunistic Finanacial Reporting and Credit Market Participation in Municipalities"
Feb. 16, 2016: Hojun Seo, Washington University, "Peer Effects in Corporate Disclosure Decision"
Feb. 09, 2016: Anywhere (Siko) Sikochi, Penn State, "Corporate Families and Agency Costs of Debt"
Feb. 04, 2016: Sa-Pyung (Sean) Shin, Harvard University, "Takeover Defenses in the Era of Shareholder Activism"
Feb. 02, 2016: Joseph Weber, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, "Direct Evidence on the Information Properties of Earnings in Loan Contracts"
Jan. 28, 2016: Leila Peyravan, University of Toronto, "Financial Reporting Quality and Dual-Holding of Dept and Equity"
Jan. 26, 2016: Allison Nicoletti, Ohio State University, "The Effectsof Auditors and Regulators on Bank Financial Reporting: Evidence from Loan loss Provisions"
Jan. 19, 2016: Nathan Goldman, University of Arizona, "The Effect of Tax Aggressiveness on Investment Efficiency"
Jan. 14, 2016: Vivek Raval, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, "Organizational Capital and the Effects of Technology Shocks on Earnings"
Jan. 12, 2016: Jenny Zha, University of California, Berkeley, "Voluntary Disclosure of Strategic Alternatives: A Cost-Benefit Analysis"
Jan. 08, 2016: Thaddeur Neururer, Boston University, "The Effect of Voluntary Disclosure on Uncertainty Around Earnings Announcement"


FALL 2015

Dec. 10, 2015: Raluca Chiorean, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, "Real and Accounting effects of Mandatory Derivatives Disclosures"
Dec. 08, 2015: Erik Beardsley, Texas A&M University, "Interim Tax Reporting Accuracy"
Nov. 24, 2015: Herita Akamah, University of Oklahoma, "Strategic Non-Disclosure of Major Customer Identity"
Nov. 19, 2015: Lakshmana Moorthy, Rutgers University, "Regulation, Auditor Litigation and Settlements"
Nov. 17, 2015: Nick Hallman, University of Missouri, "Archival Evidence on Bias in Auditors Assessment of Client Risk and the Consequence of Audit Fees and Audit Changes"
Nov. 10, 2015: Erin Henry, University of Tennessee, "Corporate Tax Avoidance: Data Truncation Bias and Loss Firms"
Nov. 03, 2015: Jeremiah Green, Pennsylvania State University, "Hedge Fund Voluntary Disclosure"
Oct. 20, 2015: Salman Arif, Indiana University, Bloomington, "Starving for Information: Does Reporting Frequency Affect How Earnings News Travels Around the World"
Oct. 15, 2015: Alexander Nekrasov, University of California at Irvine, "Headline Salience and Over-and Underreactions to Earnings"
Oct. 08, 2015: Eric Weisbrod, University of Miami, "Stockholders' Reference-Dependent Preferences and the Market Reaction to Financial Disclosure"
Sept. 17, 2015: Thomas Bourveau, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, "The Transmission of Corporate Culture: Evidence from Bank Acquisitions"


March 19, 2015: Adam Borderman, University of Colorado, “The Effect of Discretion in Accounting Standards on Financial Reporting Comparability”
March 17, 2015: Jason Chen, University of Michigan, “Geographic Dispersion of Investors and Price Discovery Around Earnings Announcements”
March 5, 2015: Koren Jo, University of Texas at Dallas, “Aggregate Earnings: Time-Deries Properties and Forecasting Models”
Feb. 26, 2015: Rong Zhong, University of Missouri, Columbia, “Firm Transparency and Innovation: International Evidence”
Feb. 19, 2015: Karen Ton, University of Southern California, “Do Shared Auditors Improve Audit? Evidence from Banking Relationships”
Feb. 13, 2015: Joe Pacelli, Cornell University, “Security Code Violations, Analysts Forecasts Quality, and Corporate Culture"
Feb. 12, 2015: Melissa Martin, Arizona State University, Rice, “Executive  Compensation: A Firm Life Cycle Analysis”
Feb. 10, 2015: Paul Wong, Texas A&M University, “The Influence of Institutional Investors on Analyst Earning Forecast Boldness and Accuracy”
Feb. 3, 2015: Ciao-Wei Chen, University of Iowa, "The Disciple Role of Financial Statements: Evidence from Mergers and Acquisitions of Privately Held Targets”
Jan. 29, 2015: Scott Judd, Arizona State University, “Auditor Industry Specialization and Revenue Manipulation”
Jan. 27, 2015: Jane Barton, Indiana University, Bloomington, “How Does the Presence of an Audit Affect the Credibility of Highly Uncertain Estimates?”
Jan. 20, 2015: Sarah Shaikh, Arizona State University, “Managerial Career Concerns and Earnings Forecasts”


FALL 2014

Nov. 25, 2014: Dennis Caplan, SUNY Albany, “Student Overconfidence at Grade Forecasts: Is it Real or is it Bravado?”
Nov. 18, 2014: Mathew Lyle, Northwestern University, “Accounting Data Market Values and the Cross Section of Expected Returns Around the World”
Nov. 13, 2014: Andrew Schmidt, North Carolina State University, "Analysts and Taxes”
Nov. 11, 2014: Richard Willis, Vanderbilt University, “Political Uncertainty and Corporate Tax Avoidance; Evidence from National Elections Around the World"
Nov. 4, 2014: Andrew Bauer, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, “Tax Avoidance at public Corporations Driven by Shareholder Demand: Evidence from Changes in Shareholder Dividend Tax Policy”
Oct. 28, 2014: Stephannie Larocque, University of Notre Dame, “Forecasting Tax Expense; New Direct Evidence from Analyst”
Oct. 14, 2014: Vishal Baloria, Boston College, “The Market for Political Favours; Evidence from Analyst”
Sept. 23, 2014: Mary Billings, New York University, “On Guidance and Volatility”


May 08, 2014: Brandis Phillips, Michigan State University, “On Search Cost and the Long Tail: The Moderating Role of Search Cost”
April 22, 2014: Gary Chen, University of Illinois at Chicago, “Corporate Social Responsibility and the Informativeness of Stock Prices”
April 03, 2014: Laura Wellman, Arizona State University, "The Benefits of a Relational Approach to Corporate Political Activity: Evidence from Political Contributions to Tax Policymakers"
March 11, 2014: Hyung Li Oh, Columbia University, “A New Accounting Approach to Evaluate M&A Prices and Goodwill Allocations"
March 06, 2014: Laura Wellman, Arizona State University, “From K Street to Wall Street: Politically Connected Analysis and Stock Recommendations”
Feb. 27, 2014: Spencer Pierce, Northwestern University, “Does the accounting for Derivatives affect Risk and Value?”
Feb. 20, 2014: Rick Johnston, Rice University, “Crowdsourcing Forecasts: Competition for Sell-Side Analysts?”
Feb.18, 2014: Na Li, University of Toronto, “Impact of Mandatory changes in Convertible Debt Accounting: Evidence from APB 14-1"
Feb. 13, 2014: Michael Iselin, Ohio State University, “Estimating the Potential Impact of Requiring a Stand-Alone Board-Level Risk Committee”
Feb. 06, 2014: Joshua Gunn, University of Missouri, Columbia, “City-Location and Sell-Side Analyst Research”

Using Google Searches of Firm Products to Detect
Revenue Management and Predict Firm Performance
Weekly Research Workshops

Each week, accounting faculty from across the nation bring their latest research to faculty, staff and students. These workshops are held on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons in University Hall.